Upcoming Workshops

Head on over to Facebook.com/MendingChurch for up to date listings of new workshops and Mending Church meetings. AND if you don’t see what you’d like, contact me about hosting something yourself!

Are you interested in a workshop in your community? These workshops can be explicitly faith-based or not. Send me an email-contact info below. Each workshop can be tailored for your community and include:

  • 60 min Mending Consultation: bring something you love and want to repair and we’ll talk through strategies for mending
  • 90 min. Intro to Mending with beginner’s sock darning
  • 3 hour Mindful Mending Workshop, with mending history, sock darning, and plenty of time to practice.
  • Mending Retreat: All the goodness and lots of time for silent stitching. History, workshops, consultation, wrapped up in a retreat format. This Retreat has enough time to learn basic darning and patching. If worship is a part of your practice, we can add that too. Great for small groups.

Email me at: Laura (at) Reveverett.com

We can make and repair.

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