Laura has written about the “Spirituality of Mending” for Religion News Service.

“There is not much reason to mend a worn sock. Socks are cheap. Overnight delivery can get me a new pair by the time I wake up tomorrow. Darning a sock takes time. And yet, I’ve made the commitment to slow down, stitch more and teach others as I take up mending as a spiritual practice.”

You can read more of her essay here:

She’s got another essay up in Faith & Leadership on mending “How is repairing the church like mending a garment?”

“Mending holds out the possibility of both utility and beauty, without the idolatry of the new or the wasteful disposal of the old. Mending appeals to our desire for visible results: Can we make this work again? Can we make this beautiful?”

You can read more of her essay here:

Mending is trending. There’s a lot of reporting on mending. Take a look: